In a world where every small step makes a difference, ReJuice encourages you to take the fruits and vegetables that you would otherwise throw away and make delicious drinks instead.
Let's get right to it.

ReJuice cuts out all of the extra anecdotes and life stories and jumps you right into why you're actually here: to make a smoothie! 

Highlighting everything you actually want to know: the ingredients, the recipe, and the nutritional information.
Search for recipes by name, by category such as 'vegan', or by an ingredient. 

Filter results by ingredients you want to use.
Keep track of all of your favorite recipes!
And all of the ingredients you'll need to make them, without leaving the app.
Behind the Scenes
From user surveys and tests, there were three distinct user personas with different goals, interests, and needs: 
1. Users looking to eat healthier but don’t have a lot of time to focus on doing so
2. Users who are looking to be less wasteful and more sustainable with their food
3. Users who are health focused and care a lot about what is in the food they eat
Because of the need for this application to be as easy as possible to navigate, the site map itself had to hold all of the required information and features without overcomplicating the experience. 
Through quick wireframe sketches, it's easy to come up with many different ways to portray the same screen and features. Each of these sketches were limited to around 45 seconds each, which pushed me to think faster. From there, utilizing the parts of the brainstormed wireframes that were more successful, prototyped wireframes were made. 
Visual Design
User testing showed that the audience was more interested in vibrant, bright colors in this experience and wanted icons like the ones below to support the content. 
For a more information about the process and research, please read the case study below!
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