You Have a Voice is an iOS application used by medical and health professionals. The app is a screening tool of young patients through simple questionnaires. Administrators can utilize the results of these questionnaires to help determine if patients are in danger of child sex trafficking. I worked as the UX/UI designer alongside one developer.
Usability and accessibility were vital for the application. With multiple language options for both the administrator side and the patient questionnaire, it allowed young patients to feel more comfortable and confident when reading in their native language.
The comprehensive results page for each patient allows for medical professionals to quickly gain an understanding of the results through a visual graph. ​​​​​​​
Medical Administrators had the opportunity to create their own questionnaires for their patients besides the two built in tests. Thus the app can be utilized for more situations.
Designing in Sketch allowed for creation of design prototypes to test design with users before having a complete working build. This allowed my partner and I to make adjustments in response to feedback even earlier in the process.
Creating a comprehensive user experience flow map was an extremely important aspect of ensuring the success of You Have A Voice. It was vital that the application was easy to use, especially since many of our users may lack strong technology skills. 
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