Our ability to create and build relationships between ourselves and others is one of the things that make human beings so unique. Whether between friends, lovers, siblings, and parents and children, each relationship has its ups and downs. What you said, illustrates these positive and negative moments that I experienced in one day through text messages and face-to-face conversations with my own boyfriend. What you said is my journey and one of my most personal pieces, as it explores a side of myself that I have never shared with the world, the ‘down’s’ hidden in a world of ‘up’s’.
This project is a typographic journey. The journey was split into two parts, each following the same concept. For the first part, I explored the challenge of creating a modular grid structure and following it throughout my entire piece. The second part is to take the same journey and to recreate the poster, but by breaking the previous grid. I was urged to experiment with the relationships between the different typographic elements while creating a hierarchy to lead the design. ​​​​​​​
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