The Shelburne Museum is an extraordinary, unique, and irreplaceable experience. Founded in 1947 by fellow creative and collector, Electra Webb, the museum now expands across 45 acres with 39 buildings, 22 gardens, and over 100,000 beautiful works of art. This digital marketing campaign and app, created with fellow designer Rachael Vecchio, highlights the unique personal experience that you can only find at the Shelburne Museum. 
A new, personalized, and unique experience with every visit to the Shelburne Museum. 
Keep coming back to experience new events, discover a different collection, and explore new aspects of the Shelburne Museum that visitors hadn’t before, leading to an increase in membership and visitor retention.
Enhance and personalize your visit. 
Users are guided through the app and personalize their experiences. This ranges from things like collections to demographics like adults and kids. This step is important as it will lead the app to recommend specific things, and help push users outside of their comfort zone to discover things they might not have checked out before. 
Social media ads were an important part of this campaign. The app utilized in the museum environment provides context for viewers and excites them for their next trip to the Shelburne Museum.
We utilized email marketing to promote and support the app and more importantly keep people updated and involved with the Shelburne Museum. With clear call to action buttons, the emails always direct users towards a specific path. 
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