​​​​​​​Levi's Lager emphasizes the belief that these hardworking individuals each deserve to take a break and relax with an original American beer after a long day. 
At the end of the day, we all deserve a break. 
Levi’s is a branch of the Levi Strauss & Co. brand founded in San Francisco, California. Levi’s was created after the namesake, Levi Strauss realized that hardworking people were in need of clothes built to endure anything and everything.
Throughout history, Levi's has taken a lead on social issues such as desegregating factories in the 1940’s to bring together black and white workers decades before the civil rights movement. As a Levi Strauss & Co. sub-brand, Levi's Lager holds these same core values.
Levi's Lager replicates this mindset with a marketing campaign focused towards the hardworking folks and reminding them that they should take a break every once in a while and enjoy a beer.
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