Kaden Connections shares the stories of women riders through digital platforms such as email, blogs, and social media posts. It provides Kaden’s audience someone whom they can connect with and find things in common with without having to meet them in person. This campaign will help Kaden Apparel establish itself in the women mountain biking community.
Digital Marketing
Kaden has been really successful with organic marketing through events, and conventions. Kaden Connections can bring this same type of organic marketing online, reaching a wider audience, not limiting by location.
It also highlights some of the things that most female riders go through, such as what it’s like to join a fairly male-dominated sport and how to find a community. This shows all sides of mountain biking and reminds female bikers that even someone who seems so confident and badass has felt the same kinds of feelings that they have.
Making Connections
Kaden Connections highlights the aspects of mountain biking that riders truly love, such as their favorite trails, how they got into the sport, and other fun stories. 
Featured riders range from the brand founder, Chelsea, to the new Kaden ambassadors, or other inspiring riders! 
Social Media Stories

These stories can be interacted with by viewers in multiple forms. This one is an example of it posted on instagram. The same content is there, but presented in a different way, allowing people to interact through whichever platform they choose. ​​​​​​​
The campaign is also home to more fun things, like empowering wallpapers that people can save, which strengthen that connection between Kaden and its audience.
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